Guess what happend yesterday…

Was out buying some on-sale pizza with my girlfriend, and I thought to my self, why not buy some soda. So I did, got a big bottle of Schweppes Grape. It’s a long time since I bought that. When we get outside I hand my girlfriend the sodas and two pizzas, since I had to unlock my bike. One second it was on the ground. She manage to drop it, so half of the soda ran out of a hole in the bottom. So now I had to carry the bottle upside down till we got home, then I poured the rest of the soda into two big glasses without spilling it out. Hassle…

A seahorse and slackline

Today I took out and set up my slackline for the first time this year. Sadly one week later then last year. I blame it all on school and my girlfriend. They both take so much time, but I’m glad I have them. It was good to get back up again, but it’s too long to go nearly seven months without balancing. Next winter I need to think about something clever. I’ve posted some photos too, and if your wondering what the first picture is. It’s a seahorse. Spotted it as my girlfriend and I was heading to the park from her place.

Summer is soon over

Summer is soon over, and it haven’t quite been the summer I was expecting it to be. First of all I thought I would have a lot more free time to do whatever I cared to too, and secondly, I was afraid I would be a bit alone whole of July since my best friend moved. I also hoped to be able to lower my kitchen roof and dig in my parents garden (my mom wants a bigger platform (dunno what it’s called in English)). Fun fact, none of them happened. It’s been very boring not have had all the free time I was hoping for, and not been able to helping out at home, but the good thing is that I met a new girl. She is a wonderful girl too, full of happiness and self-confidence. She’s also funny to be with and a bit whimsy. And I really like every part of her.

So, back to the boring stuff. I’ve been working nearly everyday of this vacation, that’s why there haven’t been that much posts. I also haven’t felt like writing either. Guess that’s a very bad combination. Continue reading Summer is soon over