Go go gadget serious post!

So, I promised you all a serious blog. And now that I’m sitting down, ready to write, I can’t find something extra ordinary to write about. So yuo have to settle with that really happened in my life since I’ve got home from Germany, which is now two weeks ago since.

Not sure what happened the week after I got home other then that I got my Jónsi album (got some pictures a the bottom). I do know what happened last weekend, I went to my cottage with my family to cut some wood for the winter. That was nice and fun, we played a lot of Munchin!

This week, I’ve had one exam and been preparing for my next one which is on the 3rd of June. I’ve also drawn 5 Vimobots, just need to paint them and I’m done with that I would call a series. I’ll  post pictures when I’m done. Maybe I’ll take some tomorrow, because I’m done with my Hello Kitty Munny! Finally, took some done, but is done and looking smoking! So if the weather is good, I’m going to try to take some pictures out in my backyard. Hoping they will turn out good.

I’ve also nearly done with my photo booth (see post), and then I can start taking my own pictures to my shop instead of borrowing from others.

Guess that’s nearly all, I say nearly because today I was visiting my brother and his girlfriend, with my girlfriend and we barbecued. It was awesome, at way to much, but we live only once!

Now I’m going to bed, cause I need to get up early tomorrow. First time golfing this season, going to be interesting to see if I like it…

PS: Forgot to add pictures…

Back on track

At least soon, I’ve got YouAndMeGames.com up and running with a nice Theme called Minimal. Head over there to read some more. Other than that there is some more minecraft news, sounds coming this week. Looking forward to that. Going to be fun! He have also made some more “cubes” you can build with.

I’ve been out golfing and hanging at the river bank chilling. Had a swim for the first time this year. It felt great, and it was so much fun to hang out with friends. Need to do that more. Other than that I have vacuum the whole apartment and cleaned a bit. Looks a lot nicer now. Also have some pictures I want to show you all. Maybe I’ll have time to post them tomorrow. I’ll see what I have time for. Going to work from two to ten, sucks.

Too much to do!

My little vacation is soon over. Going golfing tomorrow, Norefjell Golf club, 18 holes and a lot bigger then the usual resort I’m playing at (Grorud Golf club). Really looking forward to that, so better go to sleep soon, so I’m fit for swinging!

In other news, I have some great post lining up, hopefully I’ll be able to write them all this weekend, and will then publish them at least one a day for the next week. Depends on how many I end up with.

Also, check out www.YouAndMeGames.com, things are happening!

My life

It’s time to tell you a bit about my last days. I’m finally done with all my exams and my summer vacation have started. Which means that I can do what ever I want. I’ve also got my work plan for this summer and they (Smart Club) want me to work a lot. Everyday with of course two days of every week.  That means a lot of money, but also not that much time of. That sucks, but guess it’s all about growing up. No more two months summer vacation. Other than working, I’m going to practice my skills with Java, and I’m aiming to make three games and one demo (for Solskogen 09). The first game is the Chaogotchi game that I’ve mention before. Need to get it done, and the two others is probably going to use the same engine, but it is two project that I’m working on with two different groups. Going to be fun! Planning to start tomorrow to play around with some 3d cubes and such, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

I’ve also went to my cabin with my mother and brother. Took sometime off, which was nice. Plus we cleaned out of the shed, so now all the crap we don’t need is gone! My brother and I also hit some balls out into the lake where our cabin is. That was fun, we also tried to find them again, which was a rather cold experience. Since we’re talking about golf, I was playing a nine hole with my brother, uncle and cousin yesterday. It went really well, and I’m just a couple of points from reaching the “normal” score. Also called par. A funny thing happened after we where done and we where gonna walk of the ninth hole. As I approached my cousin from behind while he was holding his putter with the head up, he suddenly and quickly turned around. As I was to slow to reacted he ended up hitting me by accident with his putter. It was a really hard hit so I started to bleed, a lot. So my brother helped me down on the ground so I could lay down and the blood could bleed backwards away from my eyes. So then we drove of to the emergency to check if I had gotten an concussion and to sew my two “holes” in the head. Waiting for the doctor to check me out took some time, but when he finally arrived it all went rather quick and he stated that I didn’t have a concussion (which is awesome), but that I had to sew 5 stitches to cover up on of the “holes”. The other one he just used some strips to tighten it. So that’s how my yesterday was. Rather fun and a bit painfully. Mostly because I was being a man and getting sewn without anesthetic. How man isn’t that?!

Today is Monday, and it’s my first vacation day. I’m taking it easy because of the accident yesterday. Was a little trip outside, bought Test Drive Unlimited (played it before) and it’s a lot of fun. My brother is also buying it, so going to be super fun! There is also a lot of track to download from the net! I’ve also played a lot of Minecraft. You should check it out if you haven’t tried it yet! I’m also thinking about buying a Playstation 3, as they are getting rather cheap now. We’ll see how the week goes…


Been out the whole day! Started off early with golf, and then went to the park. And I’ve learned my lesson about not using sun lotion. My body hurts! “Anywho”, going to sleep now. So aiming on posting something interesting tomorrow! You’ll see, hehe.

PS: Check out this awesome Redlynx offer! Cool clock (prototype?). Also check out this game, Netstorm…

Here is also some stuff I need to read, and maybe you too?!

Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained

Giz Explains: What’s So Great About LED-Backlit LCDs

I’m tired!

I played 18 hole yesterday for the very first time. It was fun, but also very exhausting both physical and psychic. So the second round didn’t go that well, and my brother started joking on the last two holes. So it didn’t go that well. I even gave up on the last hole. Which is very short, but I missed on two balls, so it’s okay. At least I think so.

So that was yesterday, and today is today. I’m cutting my hair tomorrow, was very close too doing it today, but I had my last class to go to. So asked to get an appointment tomorrow. So ten o’clock my life’s change, a bit at least. Other then that, nothing much happened. Been printing out notes that I will bring to my exam. Need to sort them out and color them (so it will be easier to see what’s important and not). Not very fun, but one more week and I’m nearly done! Yay!

Squash soon, that will be fun! Need to buy some new training shoes, but since I bought some awesome FootJoy golf shoes yesterday, I think I have to wait another month before I can afford new squash shoes.

It’s growing…kinda

What do you think of the new green colored theme?! More summer like isn’t it? As you probably noticed the header isn’t done yet. Hopefully done sometime next week.

I’m also done with lectures tomorrow. So guess it’s time to start reading for exams…don’t want to! I’ve also found out today that there will not be any japan tour next spring as I’m in the wrong group. So I’m working on switching groups, but I have to wait til spring 2011. That’s far far away! Maybe I’ll try to save money for a trip next summer first.

Other than that I played golf today. Didn’t start very well, but I got better at the end. Stressed to much.

What do you think about this? Too expensive, thinking about placing a bid. Would be super awesome to win it!

Green card!

I’m now a member of the league of golfers. It is awesome! PGA here I come!

Also worked my first shift at the new job today. That was fun. Really nice people to work with, and it’s good to be a salesman and not sitting in the cashier’s stand.

PS: Thife 4 is announced!

PS2: What do you think about the green theme? Going to make more out of it when I get the time!

Nine hole’s!

I played my first nine hole today! It was great deal of fun. Hard but fun. It is so much to think about. How far should I try to hit, which club to use and should I peg or not on the tee. Hopefully it will get better when I’ve played some more holes. I’m also hopefully getting my green card, which will let me play when ever I want! Really looking forward to that!

Also starting at my new job tomorrow. So going to bed early. Good night!