Good Sunday Morning

Nothing much is happening now a days. Found at that I should probably get mew a new keyboard, because my bluetooth one don’t work well with gaming. It don’t respond quick enough and sometimes it hangs up. So now I’m stuck with an old HP one, that makes a lot of sounds when I type. Megafun! Other than that nothing much have happen. Climbing up the Trials 2 ladder and the Myminicity ladder. Getting some extra help on my city, under the table help. Also there is coming a Trials 2 patch on Monday, really looking forward to that. New tracks and all. As the big Trials 2 fan I’ve become, I started working on a trick movie, called “Monday Trick Time”. Got the name from one of the older games where the commentator would yell out “Monday Nitro Time” at the loading of the game. Not sure when I’ll be done, maybe at the end of next week. I’ll let you all know of course.

My girlfriend is still sick, been that for nearly three weeks. She is kinda tired of laying in bed now, poor girl. Started on a second round of penicillin and ear drops. Not fun at all.