Green DIY boat

Check out what I made at school yesterday! It even floats, how would have thought that.

I’ve also uploaded three movies to my Youtube account. Sadly there is no fancy music this time. Wanted to show off how quietly my boat moves.

It didn’t go that great the first time we set sail. It nearly sank 🙁


This time it was a little better, but it only went in circles 🙁


Three times a charm!


We play endlessly

Got my latest addition to my Sigur Rós collection today. The “We play endlessly” album, which is a collection given away free with the “The Independent”. The nine songs are picked from three different album, “Takk”, “Heima” and “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust”. Listening to it now, and it’s a good collection. The funny thing is that I bought this CD, and on the back side it says “NOT FOR SALE”. We’ll, guess I did something illegal there. Three times I did, because I got this from ebay, and I had four different bids on four different actuion. And I won three of them. So still waiting for the two others. Hopefully coming this week. I’m also waiting on the latest album from Imogen Heap! Please come tomorrow!

On another occasion. I’ve been reading my brothers “Computer Arts” magazine, and I found a very easy “copy & paste” tutorial about how to make your own WordPress theme from a static HTML & CSS site! How cool isn’t that? So now I’m beginning to think about making a new theme. Making a new theme for my blog, is something I’ve been talking about very often. So don’t hold your breath, don’t even bet about me getting a theme done in the next month. But maybe if we’re lucky I’ll make a new Christmas theme. Can’t use this green one when the snow starts to fall!

No grass grows on kangaroos

It’s true, but it would be funny if it did! So I tried to google it, and ended up with some funny pictures and a book called “The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo” (it’s true, just look at the cover). Posted the pictures and the link after the jump. So you may be wondering why I started thinking about the lack of grass growing on a kangaroo, and I have a very reasonable explanation. If you’ve been watching my latest twitters, you’ve seen that I’m at school reading about parallel distributed processing (guess that doesnt tell you much, but it’s not important), and the writer Jack Copeland talks/writes about the infinite number of thought we can produce, and then he quotes a guy called Jerry Fodor (Modularity of Mind and Language of Thought hypothesis) which said “it has probably never occurred to you before that no grass grows on kangaroos. But, once your attention is drawn to the point, it’s an idea that you are quite capable of entertaining, one which, in fact, you are probably inclined to endorse.”. And is so true! I’ve never thought about grass growing on a kangaroo, not even a animal. How weird is that. It would be awesome to see grass grow on a little dog or something. Or what about a rabbit, he could grown his own food and use it to hide him-/her-self. Would be the best ever! Wonder if some scientist have tried it out. “Anywho”, better get back to my reading. Only 11 more pages before I’m done with the book. Then I’ll go home, eat kebab and play some Zelda! Only four more trishards left! Follow me on twitter and backloggery.

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PGA here I come

I got my first golf set today (pictures down below). The reason you may ask, well. My brother, cousin and uncle are all playing, and they have been trying to get me to join for some time now. And finally I complied and said I’ll join. So I’m aiming to take the green card next weekend of the weekend after that. Depends when the next squash tournament is. So today we went to the driving range, bunker, and the putting green. Never tried the last two, and is was super fun. Think I had some beginner luck. At least with me nearly two hundred meter long drive! So really looking forward to get the green card so I can start playing for real. Hopefully I will go back to the driving range on Tuesday.

I’ve also been sorting my retro collection. Put all the extra accessories into two small boxes. Make it much easier to get hold of them when needed.

And now I’m off to bed. Good night!

Yogitea of the day: Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness.