I’m tired!

I played 18 hole yesterday for the very first time. It was fun, but also very exhausting both physical and psychic. So the second round didn’t go that well, and my brother started joking on the last two holes. So it didn’t go that well. I even gave up on the last hole. Which is very short, but I missed on two balls, so it’s okay. At least I think so.

So that was yesterday, and today is today. I’m cutting my hair tomorrow, was very close too doing it today, but I had my last class to go to. So asked to get an appointment tomorrow. So ten o’clock my life’s change, a bit at least. Other then that, nothing much happened. Been printing out notes that I will bring to my exam. Need to sort them out and color them (so it will be easier to see what’s important and not). Not very fun, but one more week and I’m nearly done! Yay!

Squash soon, that will be fun! Need to buy some new training shoes, but since I bought some awesome FootJoy golf shoes yesterday, I think I have to wait another month before I can afford new squash shoes.