I fear you that I ain’t sealed

Miike Snow with A Horse Is Not a Home was yesterdays topic. It was my brother who introdused me to this band, and I’m going to see them perform towmorrow. If your going to Øya Festivalen, you should also check them out, they are playing at Vika, 17:50.

Oh god, I think I’m dying
and our drinks were just poured.
Look outside someone’s waiting
with a yellow horse.

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Back from Africa

Sorry for not posting the rest of the days, but it’s quite busy at school. So no time for the blog. Sadly. Hoping to be able to write some more this coming weekend, so it won’t be completely abandoned.  I’ve also trying to work out once a day in the week days. Lets see how long I can keep that up!

Check out this funny flash “game”.

YogiTea of the day: Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.

Beautiful Oslo city

I’m been home at my parents place. So had to take the train back to Oslo. Sadly (but also nice) there was some troubles with the trains so I didn’t get further than Nationalteateret. So I decided to borrow something we call a “bysykkel”. And cycled home. It’s was so nice and quiet. Everyone was so relaxed and happy. Guess it was the nice weather that did it. Oslo is a really beautiful city! I’m glad I’m living here!