The new apartment

I started this post over two months ago, so sometimes it takes a really long time to finish something. As you may know my girlfriend and I bought an three room apartment at the end of September. We had been looking for a place since August 4th, and we finally found and one the bidding round on something be both liked! It’s hard work to find an apartment.

Not sure what to say about it, we been living her for over two months, and we are both very happy. It’s spacious (but not really enough for all the stuff I have), two floors, big bathroom, and three baloneys. There is no fireplace as in the old apartment, which I kinda miss now in the winter season, but the apartment is a lot warmer, which is nice.


As you can see from the image above, it’s not a¬†apartment block, but rather an “old” fashioned house (town house style it said in the ad), built in 2006 with four apartments. One in the basement, one on the ground floor, and two apartments sharing half of first and second floor.

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