Time goes by so fast!

I’ve been very little productive this week. I’m not done with the two N+ episodes, nearly done with one. Need some help from my girlfriend and she has been busy, so I blame here. I have though, posted a picture of the idea for the episode. Not the best picture, but you can probably see how hard it is.

Other news, I got my shoes yesterday. The look lovely! They are a bit strange to walk in, probably since they look a bit different in shape than my other shoes. Anyway some pictures after the jump. The on on the left is mine. I also love the boxes they came in. I also bought two new CD, Dream Theater – Falling into Infinity (have nearly all of them now!) and the new to Sigur Ròs, med sut i engrum vit spilum endalust (on englsih that means; With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly)

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