NM in Rubik’s cube 2013

simulaI just recently started to cube, mostly because Åpen Sone where I hang out while I study at my university, lends out area to the Norwegian Cube Association. In that relationship we had some courses to teach people how to cube. And I aws one of them. So in two short weeks I’ve manage to learn how to cube. So why not be a part of NM?

You can find my time underneath, and read some more about it at Åpen Sone.

My score
# name country t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 average best
57 Kyrre Havik Eriksen Norway 1:30.13 2:02.00 2:10.61 2:07.94 2:02.22 2:04.05 1:30.13


There where even some people competing with their feet!



On Thursday my institute arranged a business day called Dagen@Ifi. This year I got surprised to see that they where arranging a Quake competition, and luck struck when it was Quake, the original Quake. Which is what I’ve played the most. Love that game! When I joined I didn’t know what I could win, and just wanted to join for the fun. For all I know there could be other good players. So, first round went pretty well; 19-1. He got a point when we both telefragged each other. Which is always hilarious. Second and third match also went pretty good. So I finally ended up in the final. Which was a “first man to 50 frags” type of match. Took about an hour, but I won (and by a long shoot to, 50-4). So that made the proud winner of an D-Link Boxee and a D-Link Sharecenter!


It hasn’t worked smoothly, but I’m getting the hang about how it works now. Luckily the Sharepoint works like a charm. Just need to get my hands on some more quietly hdd’s.

image image