So…I’ve decided to buy my self a new camera. As there is a lot of good cameras out there, I decided to go for one I could try for my self. My brother has Lumix GF1 which he likes really much. So I borrowed it this weekend and took some pictures. Then I found out that I really don’t know what to take pictures of. That why I only ended up with two I liked (if you don’t count all the images my girlfriend took of her own face making different expression. They are very funny.) What I do like about this camera is the lightness, possibility to change out the lense and HD recording. I know the GF1 dosen’t have it, but I’m going to buy the GF2 which do have it.

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Pictures from Germany

As you all know, I’ve been in Germany the last weekend. As always I’ve taken a lot of pictures and you can see them all in/at my Flickr profile. As there is some different “sets” of pictures I’ll try to link to them in an informative way.

– Tourist pictures:
– Graffiti (last two):
– Stickers & signs (last four):
– Life of Name (last three):

I joined a new photo site today. It’s kinda like but not that popular and with fewer not that cool images. At least that what I think. It’s also a lot faster, is always so slow. “Anywho”, it’s a non-English site, but luckily if you hit the blue and white flag (Finnish?), there shouldn’t be any problem for you to understand. Check out my profile, or just hit random.