Two PS4 Games

I’m looking forward to these two PS4 games. The first is The Witness by Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid (which I have not yet played). Looks very promising and I’ve been following the developer blog for some time now.


The second game is the new inFamous game. I loved the three previous ones, so hopefully this one will be as good or if not better. I’m curious how it will be to play as the new character. Plus I’m hoping we finally can learn to fly!



PSN is up

PSN finally got back on it’s feet and is now up and running. So that means if you had an account made before 21 april, you can get your free games on! As I mention earlier I would go for Infamous and Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty. Haven’t tried the last one, but downloaded and installed (which took some hours) last night and it rocks! Sadly I have an exam to read for, so can’t play that much. Infamous is an sandbox-styled game where you can run around much like in Mirror Edge (just not first-person) and use every ledge as a spring board to something that is higher up. Other then that there are lightning attacks and a karma system which work something like this: “do something hard (good) or just kill a bunch of people (evil)”. So it’s not that much of karma system, then a “how good are you system”. I’m working on the good side. One sad thing with Infamous is the lack of multi-player. So no running around and jumping with your homies.