Ipad 2

My girlfriend bought herself an ipad 2 today. So I’m testing it out. It’s big screen is a bit strange to write on, but it workshop surprisingly well. Sadly I can’t find out to turn on the English dictionary. So sorry in advance for the bad English (yeah, taking the easy way out). What do I think about this massive over sized iphone? Not sure, to be honest. Part of me really don’t care. It’s not my money. Some things I like with the ipad are some of the better games to it. Like the Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. Going to check that out later.

As you may know from reading my twitter I’m working on Prince Caspian for the Xbox 360, it’s not that bad. At least for movie adaption game. I also bought three other games today, Bad Company, and two other games I can’t remember the name too. One fps, and a platform jumper. Guess thats all now. I’m off to watch Black Swan. Arter that I will hopefully blog some more. Have at least one more post to write.