Not much happened today. Was at school, found out that I need to learn all the hiragana sign to Monday (can’t even remember the proper name for them, had to wiki it.). So this weekend I’m going to play hiragana games and look at flash cards. Going to be super fun! Other than that I “found” a little ad for my blog at my job the other, “someone” had been writing my blog address on a sketch-up. How cool isn’t that. Took two pictures, I’ve also took a picture of my new refrigerator magnets. A cow and a panda, super cute!

I’ve also got two DS games in the mail today, Lock’s Quest and Dragon Quest: The Chapter of the Chosen. Looking forward to try them out when I have some more time. Also found out that I need to rearrange my collection, and take some new pictures.  I’m also working on “banner’s” for my project page. So look for an update near you. Hehe…

YogiTea of the day: Recognise that the other person is you.

It’s growing…kinda

What do you think of the new green colored theme?! More summer like isn’t it? As you probably noticed the header isn’t done yet. Hopefully done sometime next week.

I’m also done with lectures tomorrow. So guess it’s time to start reading for exams…don’t want to! I’ve also found out today that there will not be any japan tour next spring as I’m in the wrong group. So I’m working on switching groups, but I have to wait til spring 2011. That’s far far away! Maybe I’ll try to save money for a trip next summer first.

Other than that I played golf today. Didn’t start very well, but I got better at the end. Stressed to much.

What do you think about this? Too expensive, thinking about placing a bid. Would be super awesome to win it!

It’s getting late!

I need to start writing my blog post earlier, because I’m to tired to write any decent when it get this late. So sorry about that. I should write when I get home from school. Guess that would work so much better! “Anywho”, it was good with a vacation. Was wonderful weather, and I got to see my cousin. It’s been to long since last time!

I also got a package from Japan on Friday. Was some Sega stuff I won on ebay. Was looking for some controllers to my Dreamcast, which I got and some other stuff. Take a look…