The X Factor 2009 – The Results – Live Results 8


Today is a two in one! No idea who this people is or in which language. Guessing Korean or Japanese.

Update: First is Japanese and second is Korean. I forgot to read what it says in the start of the movie.

Update: httpvhd://

Life goes past so fast

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve started school this year, and a couple of things have happened. As you all know I started this year as a Japanese student, but not anymore. It was too hard to follow and they moved forward to fast for me. So I couldn’t keep up and I felt stressed all the time. Something I really ever do, and sure don’t like. Not at all! So I dropped that classed and started on a “Digital Representation” class where I will learn about bits and bytes. Very geeky, but also very fun. Today we learned how to calculate binary and hexadecimals. Super fun! The other class is C programming, called “Introduction to System Development”. Which also looks like a lot of fun, but also a bit hard. C is a lot more trickier then Java, but I won’t give up! C is so much more powerful then Java, and who doesn’t want more power?! So that’s roughly how my last days have been. Need to buy some more books before I can say that I’m official back in study tracks. Looking forward. Going to be good to come back in programming!

Also, the Jónsi & Alex I was talking about earlier today is an album aka music.

YogiTea of the day: True understanding is found through compassion.

Loving is fine if you have plenty of time

It’s been a Damien Rice weekend for me, because that’s nearly all I’ve been listening to when I’ve been studying. I really like Rice, is different voice, not hitting every notes, and how nearly all his songs have greatness where he sings really high and loud, often accompanied by a women. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you should really check him out at youtube or something.

So, not much to tell. Going to start baking cake now! Because it’s all starting in an hour, and I think the cake takes a little bit longer than that to get done, so a bit behind. So see you at the cake party!

A little picture I draw in the park, this is what I’ve been seeing the last two days when I’ve been studying.

PS: The tittle is from the song “La Professor & La Fille Danse” by Damien Rice

Not much happened today. Was at school, found out that I need to learn all the hiragana sign to Monday (can’t even remember the proper name for them, had to wiki it.). So this weekend I’m going to play hiragana games and look at flash cards. Going to be super fun! Other than that I “found” a little ad for my blog at my job the other, “someone” had been writing my blog address on a sketch-up. How cool isn’t that. Took two pictures, I’ve also took a picture of my new refrigerator magnets. A cow and a panda, super cute!

I’ve also got two DS games in the mail today, Lock’s Quest and Dragon Quest: The Chapter of the Chosen. Looking forward to try them out when I have some more time. Also found out that I need to rearrange my collection, and take some new pictures.  I’m also working on “banner’s” for my project page. So look for an update near you. Hehe…

YogiTea of the day: Recognise that the other person is you.


Kuki linux has the best linux name ever. At least as I know. It’s pronounced cookie! Cookie, cookie monster! So working on installing that on my new little Acer, and it’s looks promising.

I’ve also learned to count to ten a bit fast in Japanese, and if I concentrate I can count up to hundred. Just can’t remember what hundred is. I’m so proud of my self, now I just need to learn all the small signs/letters.