Out driving the SCX10

Doh! Forgot that I had planned to put the SCX10 video with this post :\ Enjoy the images taken the same day.

Was out with my brothers testing out my new SCX10. It was a bit cold so we just went straight outside, so no big hills or long tracks. Still, we had a lot of fun in a nearby pile of snow and in a little hill.  Click more to see some footage. PC280333 Continue reading Out driving the SCX10

SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Yesterday I talked about my RC savings (a little fun fond). I had originally planned to buy myself a 4×4 Scaler with the money. More precisely an Axial SCX10, either the Dingo or the Rubicon. Since I ended up buying a drift car to drive with my colleague I put my SCX10 idea on ice, until I saw a Christmas offer I didn’t wanted to say no too. So I ended up getting myself my very first scaler! The actual building of the kit was done before Christmas, but I finally now got around putting the time-lapse together for my blog. Enjoy the view of me building my SCX10.

PS: I’ll upload another video of me testing the car tomorrow.