Thank you for playing

Last day, and DJ Tiesto feat Jónsi with Kaleidoscope was the right answer. Hope you had fun guess the songs, and that you checked them out on YouTube or other music sites. One of the reason that I’m doing this songweek thing is to share my music with you, the readers. And please, let me know what you are listening too.

One and two
Three and four
Come through

I fear you that
I ain’t sealed
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Have you got a little old house And a lemon tree?

Jónsi is one of my favorite artist. He is usually singing in Sigur Rós, but have taken some time of to produce a wonderful solo album called Go. The song I was looking for was Tornado by Jónsi.

You grow, you roar
Although disguised
I know you

You’ll learn to know

You grow, you grow like tornado
You grow from the inside
Destroy everything through
Destroy from the inside
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Jónsi & Alex – Riceboy


Yesterday I ordered the Special Edition Box of Jónsi & and Alex first album. First I thought I had to wait until August to listen to it, but they provided me with a downloadable version of the album. So I’ve been listening to it with my new girlfriend. And we really like it. It’s as some Norwegian newspapers have stated a bit ambient, but I like it that way. It just float in the background kinda like another furniture. So if you like Sigur Rós or just a fun of ambient, check out and maybe you’ll end up buying the album which I did!