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I Kickstarted Elysian Shadows and recieved a gift code for Indie Game Magazine, but there was an internal server error, so everyone ended up with two codes. So if you want it, please take it!

Due to an internal server error causing a problem with the order number of Magazine issues (perhaps due to the year change), some backers experienced difficulties while attempting to redeem their vouchers. The problem is now resolved, and new instructions and alternate vouchers are below. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, and a game I helped kickstart (called TinyKeep) tipped me about a game called TerraTech, featuring robot battles where you need to build, harvest, and control your own robot. First I thought it was something like Robot Arena, but it wasn’t, but it was something nearly better, or at least on the same line.

Check out the video below or download a alpha-demo over at IndieDB. To get it to run on Linux you need to use Ubuntu. It’s Unity.

Ouya – Kickstarter Edition


I finally got my Ouya! It arrived the day after I left for Spain, so could pick it up before this Monday. I’ve posted some images of my opening it and turning it on after the jump, for those interested in that.

I’ve only played some games on it. For example Towerfall which was really fun, but since I only have received one of my four controllers yet, only single-player for me. I didn’t had much trouble getting it up and running other then that it wouldn’t connect to my protected WiFi, luckily I also run a guest-net. After that the only problem I had was adding my credit-card. Had to do it via their site. No biggie!

Looking forward to get the extra controllers, as most of the games are made for multi-player. So, got any games to recommend?

PS: There is also an image of my new Scott Pilgrim action-figure!

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I got my Blimpus in the mail, which I’ve partaken through Kickstarter to help realized! And I’m I glad I did. It looks awesome! And it’s so big too, much bigger then I thought. Just need to find out which stickers to use as his face and a place where it can stand. I can’t have it standing on the fire place as it’s get hot when it fired up (duh!) and my girlfriend didn’t like it on the dinner table. So where to put. What do you think, you want one?