The MunnyWorld MEGACONTEST Winners

Yesterday KidRobot announced the winners of the MunnyWorld MEGACONTEST, and there are some awesome contributions. Check out the all at their Kronikle and here are my favorite.

– Via ToyCutter

Cape Munny

Created a new Munny today. Was a bit restless, but really don’t have time for a big project. So took some old felt cloth I had laying around and glued it together. What do you think? Personally I like him without the glasses, and maybe without the green cloth. We’ll see if I’ll do something more to him later. For now he’ll look like this.

Got a new camera and Munny figures!

My brother got home from USA on Monday and had bought me some “gifts”. These are some of my first photo of my new Munny taken with my new camera Lumix GF2!