Go go gadget serious post!

So, I promised you all a serious blog. And now that I’m sitting down, ready to write, I can’t find something extra ordinary to write about. So yuo have to settle with that really happened in my life since I’ve got home from Germany, which is now two weeks ago since.

Not sure what happened the week after I got home other then that I got my Jónsi album (got some pictures a the bottom). I do know what happened last weekend, I went to my cottage with my family to cut some wood for the winter. That was nice and fun, we played a lot of Munchin!

This week, I’ve had one exam and been preparing for my next one which is on the 3rd of June. I’ve also drawn 5 Vimobots, just need to paint them and I’m done with that I would call a series. I’ll  post pictures when I’m done. Maybe I’ll take some tomorrow, because I’m done with my Hello Kitty Munny! Finally, took some done, but is done and looking smoking! So if the weather is good, I’m going to try to take some pictures out in my backyard. Hoping they will turn out good.

I’ve also nearly done with my photo booth (see post), and then I can start taking my own pictures to my shop instead of borrowing from others.

Guess that’s nearly all, I say nearly because today I was visiting my brother and his girlfriend, with my girlfriend and we barbecued. It was awesome, at way to much, but we live only once!

Now I’m going to bed, cause I need to get up early tomorrow. First time golfing this season, going to be interesting to see if I like it…

PS: Forgot to add pictures…

More Munny

Found some Munnys I wante to show you all. I was surfing after Hello Kitty Munnys, because I’m going to make one for my friends girlfriend, but looks like their a rare specie (not girlfriends). “Anywho”, they are awesome!

The last one, is my poorly colored sketch of the Hello Kitty Munny I’m going to make.




A busy exam time…

It is a busy exam time. As I’m trying to do everything else i usually do (and more) plus read for the double exam next time, I get less and less sleep. Too bad we are so needy about it. “Anywho”, started the day of with a call from my brother about how I should hook up my new Zune to my TV (which didn’t help, but more about it further down). Then I got up and ate breakfast. Nearly the best meal of the day, it’s hard to beat brinner! But I love me some slice of bread! So after that I went to school, but needed to stop by some shops on the way so ended up using nearly two hours wandering around looking at games. Bought “Mannen som elsket Yngve” and “Xgames Pro Boarder”. Starting to get a little stack of Playstation games now, more than twenty. Better start playing them soon. So finally I ended up on school. Started slowly on my test exam. They are so boring and hard. Why can’t test be more easy! I don’t take this course to learn, I just need the ten points. It wasn’t all boring at school on a Saturday, because after a while I went with a friend of mine to another building to make us some food. And after we where done, she wanted to heat her bun (no pun intended) for ten seconds, but she forgot all about it. So suddenly we heard a ding (as when the micro oven is done), and there where coming smoke out of the oven. The bun had taken fire! So then the fire alarm went of and thing when crazy! People where running around, throwing stuff, breaking windows! Some even started loathing! Nah, just kidding. The alarm did went of, but there where like three others in the building so no biggi. Sadly the firemen had to head out (jerk out didn’t quiet fit here). Since the room was “intoxicated” we switched building again.

Finally I got home, and I was planning to continue with the test exam, but no. Ended up reading the latest “GameReactor” and surfing ebay. There is a lot of awesome things to buy! After I’m done with the bloging I’m going to play some Modern Warfare 2!

So about the Zune HD hook up to my TV. First I thought I needed an usb recharger (which costed  around 20$) which I could hook up to the outlet. That didn’t work, so thought maybe I need an adapter, because _maybe_ the ac adapter that was with the docking station had some fancy stuff in it. So used another 18$, and that didn’t work out either. Then I finally did something clever and googled the problem. Found out that I only needed to restart the play when this problem I experienced occurred. Couldn’t someone told me this 38$ ago? Hopefully I learned my lesson.

Oh, btw… I now I’ve mention before that I love following links everywhere to see where it goes, and today I spent at least one hour doing just that going from one Norwegian blog to another. It started out that I tried this Twitter “test”, to find out who was my first follower (@tanketom for the link). Found out that it was @pumbaaa which I new. Then I started wondering who this person was (not the first time), so I started to look at pumbaaa followers. First I ended up here where I learned that “Sprite Lip smacker” tastes and smell like shit. Good to now. Did find out some other interesting things, but can’t find the link so sorry. Take a look at this either, wehearthit.com so ended up at a Hello Kitty store.

My brother linked me about an Island called Hashima. Just makes me wanna go to Japan even more!  Some more pictures here.