Weekly roundup

I thought I’ll let you all look at some cool videos I saw while going true all the news that been posted this week. All three are from Kotaku.com.

PS: A post about my weekend will come tomorrow evening (hopefully).

MX VS. ATV Re-re-reflex First Look Looks like nice

Muscle Men, Bikinis, WTF Silly game!

Meet The Spy, Quite The Ladies’ Man These videos are the bomb!

– Also check out these wallpapers!

Videos after the jump…

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Second April

The safe day has just begun. Did you get fooled? I’m not sure if I did, but there been a lot of cool April fools pranks flooding the net. Kotaku.com have made a nice list and I think Microsoft’s Alpine Legends was the best. What do you think?


YogiTea of the day: Bliss is a constant state of mind undisturbed by gain or loss.

A little something something…

I don’t think I will have time to write a real update before sometime next week, since I’m pretty busy starting up at school and I’m working this weekend. I will try to come with some minor updates about how my life is going. So tonight I have two personal updates and two game related updates!

The personal first. I’m done with the planing and building of the N+ levels. Just need to make them look better and put enough gold in them so you can make it before the time runs out. I’ll post some images when I’m done. They look really good now, and I’m pretty proud of them!
In other game related personal news, I’ve finally bought me some board games to have in my apartments. Bought three different! Ingenious, Ubongo and Candamir. As I’ve only had tried the first one, I was curios on how fun the others would be. Played them all tonight with a friend tonight and it was fun. I think they all will be a lot more fun when we are more people that play. Less isn’t always more. So tomorrow when I’m having a boardgame evening, I’ll see. Also check some pictures after the jump. Not mine, but you can at least see how they look like.

The game related news I was talking about, is that Mirrors Edge DLC is hitting XBL 29 January. The day I’m going to visit my brother and go skiing with him and my father. So guess I won’t get to try it before I get back Sunday. Guess that’s no problem. Also EA Sport is teaming up with Etnies to make Skate 2 sneakers. They looks ok. Not anything flashy. Check out Kotaku for the article and some images.

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