New tires and a wrench

I ordered some new wheels for my 1/8 and a wrench so I could get the on easier (adjustable wrench doesn’t work that well). the new wheels looks really good with possible more grip then the old ones, but sadly when I got home and wanted to try them out I found out that there where something wrong with the car. I think both my diffs are missing some teeth. So need to open them up and take a look.


NTE: A solution with the Kyosho Inferno

I’ve have had some problems getting my NTE to work properly with the new engine. So when a colleague offered me his Kyosho Infero for a very reasonable price, I couldn’t say no.


Above is how the Inferno looks like without its fuel engine, a nice airy hole.
As there where no battery holders for the fuel version I started of with just taping them. That didn’t work that well. So I switched to Velcro for better stability and to make it easier to take on/off.
P1100178The motor is a bit crooked, but that was the best I could manage without making new holes. It works pretty well.