The Love Life Of Led Zeppelin

I wrote this little poem a while back at work. We where discussing some Led Zeppelin song, and found out that a lot of their songs can be used as a love reference.

It all starts dazed and confused when you see your true one.
Then it goes over to a whole lotta love, before it’s all
communication breakdown.
The suddenly, “Baby, I’m gonna leave you” and “Nobody’s fault but mine”.
Just before it’s all over there is always that thought: “I can’t quit you baby”.


Been out the whole day! Started off early with golf, and then went to the park. And I’ve learned my lesson about not using sun lotion. My body hurts! “Anywho”, going to sleep now. So aiming on posting something interesting tomorrow! You’ll see, hehe.

PS: Check out this awesome Redlynx offer! Cool clock (prototype?). Also check out this game, Netstorm…

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