E3 is bringing some awesome games! part 2

There was more awesome games that where told about yesterday! So I thought about making another post about it. Hopefully I’ll get around to post about me soon. Just need some time to relax first. PS: Have some cool news about me too!

“Anywho”, here are the videos! Enjoy!

Trials is coming to XBLA! AWESOME! With a level editor too! I can’t wait! Going to be so sweeeeeeet!

N+ level idea

Had a friend over last night. And we played some N+. Long time since last time, but I found a little glitch while we where playing survivor. On one of the level pack #3 level, you spawn in front of a Twhump. So one time I spawned behind it  and I got pushed back into “it’s” tunnel and true a one way wall, which I didn’t know I could. So then I came up with the idea of a level that uses that glitch as a “puzzle”. So sketched some levels to an episode on a piece of paper and here they are. Not sure if all of them work, but going to find out today. And if you want to try them out send me an message on Live and I’ll host a game. Gamertag is “Kyrreman”.