I just found out that there is a “new” Liero out there. It’s called OpenLiero and it let you play Liero on Vista and Linux. Even with sound! How cool isn’t that?! Sadly it’s still in beta and there haven’t been and update since 2007. Which is a long time ago, too long. “Anywho” it still works for me, so try it out if you want to swing down the memory lane!

OpenLiero is the ultimate hack for Liero 1.33. By placing OpenLiero in your old Liero directory, you can run Liero as before, with sounds, in both Windows and Linux. OpenLiero emulates Liero almost perfectly, and has all the good old weapons. If you didn’t like the good old weapons, OpenLiero of course supports TC’s as well. and if you want to join the Liero community, head over to the wiki!

PS: Use F5 for fullscreen and F6 for bigger window.