Fun with ligths!

Sorry for no post yesterday. Was home for around 30 minutes. Didn’t even have time to make a post for Doing that later tonight.

“Anywho”, I’ve uploaded the test footage. My brother is working on making a short movie of the footage we took this night. Wasn’t home before two o’clock, and we only ended up with around four second of footage. So I guess you need a lot of time an patient to make a full length one. Hehe…

Good night!

Sorry for the bad updating this weekend. I know I promised you all some good’ol post, but been busy/lazy. Luckliey there is still one day left of this weekend. So my new goal is to get the retro page done, because I’ve been tidying up and collected all in my corner shelf. I’ve also taken a lot of pictures. So now I only need to upload them and add them to the retro collection page. I will also make a post what I’ve done and what I’ve bought this week. I’m too tired to do it now…tomorrow! What I do have for you all now is a video of my new ceiling light. Looks good dosn’t it?! Got my brother to “clip” it together.