Clean up time

I’m cleaning up my blog pages and links. As you may have noticed, my flash games links have been removed. I replaced it with a “Flash reviews” page. Here can you easy find the name of the game, what I thought about it, and a direct link to the game. Isen’t that convinient? I’m also working on some other small updates. So we’ll see if you notice them.

In other news. If you would like to see what I did on Sunday, head over to Chrissie’s blog and check out her pictures. If your not sure, I can tell you so much that there is sword fighting and rocket launching!

Found this cool site about mistakes in the Zelda game series. It’s a lot of fact I didn’t know about. So if you have some time off, you should read them. Not that many.

Yes, Link has a sister. Last time I checked, Zelda wasn’t spelled “A-R-Y-L-L”.

…Twilight Princess was built ground-up for GameCube, and then ported to Wii in order to ensure the gimmick controller and console would have a “killer ap” of some sort, even though the controls were tacked on with very little substance…

Four Swords Adventure

Yesterday I got the finishing piece in my Zelda collection for Gamecube. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, I welcome you! Haven’t tried it yet, but maybe later today. Looks fun, but I need more Game Boy’s to try out the multiplayer part. I’ve also uploaded some photos of the unpacking event. Everything looks good enough for me!

You make my time less…

So I went to the cinema today. Watched Coraline in 3D. 3D is fun, but the movie wasn’t as good as I hoped for. Maybe I was to old to see it, because I didn’t find it funny enough, or scary enough. It was just a decent puppet movie in 3D. Maybe the book is better?! I know that other books by Neil Gaiman are great, so maybe this on is it too. I’ll guess I just have to check it out.

I also got some retro stash in the mail today. Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past with Four Swords to GBA and a GBA/GC cable. It’s a great game, and looking forward to play it again.

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Thank you

When it get late, or really late. is your best friend. I’ve been out the whole day, so I’m really tired now. Even thought the clock isn’t twelve. Guess I’m getting older. Hehe…

So I started my day playing a little Wind Waker again. Haven’t played it for a week. So was fun to be back and swing Link’s sword (if you know what I mean). After some Zelda, I went golfing with my brother. I’m getting better at the bunker. So I signed up for the test to get green card 11th of May. Can’t wait. Going to be so much fun when I get it! When I got home I went to a local park and putted up my slack line and chilled out in the sun for some hours. We even saw and petted a pet pig. It was so cool, not very interested in us, but still very awesome! After that we went home to me, ate a pizza and watched several episodes of Arrested Development, and played some more Zelda. Great day!

And now I’m soon going to bed. Going golfing tomorrow too.

PS: Check out these two videos.

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