Some projects update

As you may remembered I started with a Litago Zune dock a while a go, and now I’m coming to and end. I sprayed some white over it all yesterday, and next step is to spray the Zune logo on the side.

I didn’t want a complete color, so went with black background and then I’d “throw” white spray over it.

My next porject is a very new one. So new, that I started with it yesterday. The idea is to make my Sponster doodle into an figure. So I tried to make the skeleton with bamboo sticks, but think I need something more powerful. So going to buy ironthread and clay today.

Last week I told you I had started a project I would tell more about on Saturday, sadly I didn’t come that far in the process. So before you all forget it, I just wanted to tell you what it is I’m making beisdes all my other projects. I’m going to sew my own one-piece. I’m now working on the test suit (see if everything fits on me). Going to post a picture of it when I’m done with that. As I’m new to sewing, everything is going really slow, plus I’m also busy with other stuff.

My work and a cool post stamp

Sorry for the mess with the pictures, but something went wrong. “Anywho”, I’ve got my book which I forgot in Poland in the mail today. Look at the cool post stamp! I’m also done with the “technical” with my new Zune LitagoCow dock. Planning on spraying it black and painting the Zune logo on it. I’m also nearly done with my Vimobot with an USB inside, didn’t end up the way I wanted. It’s too heavy! So not sure if I’m going to “mass-product” it. I also took two pictures of my test Munny head and it’s webcam body.

I’ve been to Tromsø

As you see on the last “Life of ‘name'” posts, I’ve been to Tromsø visiting a friend. If you ever get a change to travel, you should definitive go to Tromsø. It’s a really quiet town on a small island surrounded by sea and big mountains. Not far from Lyngs alps, if your into skiing. Most of the time we just relaxed, but we did take some time to go to a museum and look around the island. Since his girlfriend also had a friend visiting, we went out shopping. I had originally not planned to buy anything, but I was kinda looking for some new pants.  Sadly I did not find any new pants, but found two cool hoodies (extra long, was shopping for the first time in a ladies store), sweetpants (just like normal sweatpants) and a new jacket. Nearly bought a new dress, but didn’t have much space in mu luggage. I’ve also came over some old Middle Earth cards (pictures after the jump) that I just had to buy, never seen those in a store before. Too bad the only had two decks. Guess it’s time for me to learn this game.

I’ve uploaded some cool graffiti I found in Tromsø to my Flickr account. Decided to start using it more. So head over to the graffiti set. I’m also thinking about uploading pictures I took while there, what do you think? You want to see?

In other news, I got 50 more Litago cows from a friend of mine. Woho! Thinking about using some of them to make an army of look a like cows. Got some other ideas?

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