BC:Rearmed sale!

The deal of the week for people with gold membership for Xbox Live gets BC:Rearmed for only 400 Microsoft points! That’s a nice price if you ask me. I tried it when it first came out, but didn’t fancy it so much that I wanted to spend 800 points, but now that it’s down to 400. I’m sealing the deal! Looking forward to try it out when all my exams are done. You should also get it, so we can play multi player. Up to four players at once! That’s a lot of swinging men…

N+ level idea

Had a friend over last night. And we played some N+. Long time since last time, but I found a little glitch while we where playing survivor. On one of the level pack #3 level, you spawn in front of a Twhump. So one time I spawned behind it  and I got pushed back into “it’s” tunnel and true a one way wall, which I didn’t know I could. So then I came up with the idea of a level that uses that glitch as a “puzzle”. So sketched some levels to an episode on a piece of paper and here they are. Not sure if all of them work, but going to find out today. And if you want to try them out send me an message on Live and I’ll host a game. Gamertag is “Kyrreman”.

N+ on Xbox Live

As I mention yesterday, N+ is hitting Xbox Live today. And it has. I’ve only tried the free trial version yet. It was a bit strang to play with the xbox controller because I don’t think the stick is that sensitive as I’d like it to be, but I got the hang of after some practice. I really think you should try it, and with more than four hundred levels to jump around ninja style. There is plenty to do! If you don’t know what N+ is all about head over to their site at www.thewayoftheninja.org

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