Notch, the creator of Minecraft have created a minimalistic game for GameJolt as they are running a minimalistic game compo.

A game for the Minimalist compo, focusing on minimalist gameplay, with C64 level graphics.


The whole poit of this game is to “drive” the car by pressing left/right depending whats coming down the board on the right. Sometimes there will be a cow in the way, and you need to press up to jump over it!

Spleef in Minecraft

I know that Minecraft probably isn’t yet the most played game. Just about 2000 have pre-order. Guess it will get more popular when it done, since its far from done now. “Anywho”, what I want to talk about here, is something called Spleef. Spleef is a game “mode” in Minecraft which is played on some servers. Since the game isn’t done, Spleef aren’t a real game mode. Hopefully it will be.

So, guess if your still reading you really want to know what Spleef is, and I will tell you. Spleef is a game where the main goal is to get the other teams member to fall through the floor and away from the game area. If you have played Minecraft before, you know how easy it is to remove a cube of floor, and for you others. You just point and right click. The only rules is that there isn’t allowed to build any bricks while the game is on!

You can read a little bit more about Spleef over at the Minecraft wiki.


Back on track

At least soon, I’ve got up and running with a nice Theme called Minimal. Head over there to read some more. Other than that there is some more minecraft news, sounds coming this week. Looking forward to that. Going to be fun! He have also made some more “cubes” you can build with.

I’ve been out golfing and hanging at the river bank chilling. Had a swim for the first time this year. It felt great, and it was so much fun to hang out with friends. Need to do that more. Other than that I have vacuum the whole apartment and cleaned a bit. Looks a lot nicer now. Also have some pictures I want to show you all. Maybe I’ll have time to post them tomorrow. I’ll see what I have time for. Going to work from two to ten, sucks.