Alone in a big apartment

I helped my ex-girlfriend to move this weekend. We broke up some weeks ago, but we’ve been living together since we’re still good friends and she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. It’s kinda weird to be all alone, but stuff like this happen. “Anywho”, I’m thinking about buying a Acer Aspire One, testing one out now with Ubuntu, works good. So I’ll probably end up getting one. I’ve also completed all the time trials on Mirrors Edge. It’s thought, but I’m getting good. I also tried out the Left 4 Dead demo. The concept is for me the best there is! Just run around killing zombies. Too bad the gameplay sucked so much I quit and deleted the game after ten minutes. Valve should take a look at the gameplay on Call of Duty 4. Guess that’s it, not a long post.

Mirrors Edge

Bougth and completed Mirrors Edge today. A short but good game. At the beginning I thought it was a okay game, but it got better and better the further in I got. To run around is a wonderful feeling. So looking forward to test out the time trial and speed run mode tomorrow. Going to be a blast. I wonder when I will get time to complete Gears of War 2 that I bought last Friday. I really recommend Mirrors Edge, give it a try. I think you will like it. Hopefully there will come a sequel with more running and less story. Not that the story wasn’t good, but I liked the running more. And one last thing, the blues (cops) are wicked hard to beat if you don’t want to shoot, but if you complete the game without shooting anyone you will get a nice achievement. Just like I did. Also, hit the jump for a picture of the shirt I got when I bought the game!

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