NTE: Back in business

Yesterday I posted about my new engine, and today I got some images from my conversion of my old Tamiya TGX Mk.1. As you know I’ve tried to upgrade this car for a long time and I’ve tried it out with my brushless 3300kn and 2S Lipo and it wasn’t much power. It topped at 30KM/H and I wanted more.

Hopefully with my new Mamba Monster I can get it to properly run. First I thought I could use the old spur gear, and that I just had to buy a pinion gear, but my buddies at SamiRC recommended to switch both the gears and to check if there where other plastic gears in the car. This was to avoid that the teeth of the fears would be brushed away by the powers of the Mamba. So I ended up buying a Integy 8573 Steel 0.8 Spur Gear 50T originally for the Slash/Stampede 4X4 and a 3-pack with Novak 5161 Steel Pinion Gear 5mm 32P 15T/16T/17T. As the old pinion I had didn’t fit the 5mm shaft of the Mamba.

tamiya-0 tamiya-3 tamiya-2

In the image below you can see the huge Mamba Monster engine. It took some adjustments before I could get it to fit. Another problem was that a lot of the screw threads for mounting the engine where all broken. So only three of them could be used and they didn’t fit all in the holes that I had. So for now the engine is only held in place by one tight screw.

tamiya-1You can also see that the pinion gear is just long enough to reach the spur gear. Not optimal, but it was the best I could do. At least with not making new holes.

I guess you might wonder how it went driving with this set-up. Running only on 3S Lipo went great. No problem there except some hick-ups with the throttle, but I thinks that was because of the Spektrum receiver I used. As it’s not  properly set up. It went faster than with the earlier setup with 2S Lipo, but it didn’t go fast enough for me. Not sure if it even reach 50KM/H as my stock Maxam does. Plus I know that the Mamba Monster is capable of over 100KM/H, so that is my goal.

The day after I took it out to try it with 6S Lipo. This didn’t go as well. The 50 first meters went good, with nice acceleration and speed, but when I turned it didn’t react to my throttle. I could hear the engine working so I knew that something inside was broken…I expected my worst fear that the diff was broken because of the massive power the Mamba produce. Luckily it was not the diff that was broken. They looked as good as new. It turned out to be my fix of the part that transfer the rotation from my spur gear to the diff. The black plastic piece you see behind the gear in the image above. So now I’m working on a better solution to keep it all in place. I’ll try to take some photos from the old and new solution later. As for now it’s all in pieces on the table. I’m so glad I bought a mat to keep my RC car on.