A blanket in the sky

doyleman7 wrote:

That might just be the greatest piece of modern art I have ever seen. It perfectly embodies the idea of alternative art: simple, creative and visually striking. For a while looking at the first picture I didn’t realize it was an actual structure. I honestly thought it was a cartoon put into a picture, which I assume is exactly what the artist was going for.

– Via Gizmodo

Boxed PSOne

Got my boxed PSOne today in the mail. It was a bit smelly when I opened up, guess it been stored away from a long time. Sorry for no photos from the inside, but opened while I was playing Modern Warfare 2. So no time for pictures then. Wonder where to place it, my corner shelf is getting kinda full. I also need to update my Collection page at this blog. It’s way outdated.

PS: I’ve got another cow, and I’ve started working on one too! Going for environmentalist cow. Green!


Tomorrow I’m going to try out Moblin on my little laptop. As it is now not working (kinda, tried Arch Linux…). So it’s going to be good to have it up and running again. Other than that not much is happening. Playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2. It’s really addictive. I’ve also only have two weeks to my next exam, so going to be at school reading the most of the time. So hopefully I will get time to write some blog posts while I have a little break at the reading hall (?).