8a/52 and 8b/52 – Tromsø

8a/52 - Tromsø

‘name’ and me was visiting a friend in Tromsø last week, so since we forgot to take picture last week, we’re uploading two for last one and two for this week. Here is ‘name’ at the south west side of the island with sea and some mountains in the background.

8b/52 - Tromsø

We also visted a museum, which had a huge dinosaur. ‘name’ was a bit frighten.

Three thoughts of the evening

First thought: Every Monday I play squash, and today was no different. Game was fun, put this thought came while I was showering. Because some other dude had forgot his shampoo and body soap. So then I thought, is it okay if I borrow some? What if he entered while I was using his soap? I never found out, since the thought was so long and “deep”, that I was finished showering before I thought for myself, “go for it”. Maybe next time.

Second thought: This was while I waited for the subway after showering. Was on my way home. I spotted a cute girl on the other side of the track (first I thought it was my ex girlfriend, but no) listening to music. She was tapping her foot very gently and looking around. Girls are so sweet. “Anywho”, how cool would it been, if we where able to see what other people was listening too. Like a little text hovering over their heads or something. Would be awesome, and so much easier to pick girls up. “Hey, I see you like Sigur Rós too!”.

Third thought: Came while I was riding the tram (the subway never came) home, I was reading  “Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) by Thomas Mann (I was reading it in norwegian). This is a book I picked up because it was mention a lot in “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami (a very good book!). The main person reads it several times. I’ve also talked to my dad about it, and he said it is a classic which people should read. Sadly he hasn’t read it yet, so I thought I’ll borrow it at the library. Which I’ve now have done. I’ve read about 25 pages, and I don’t really like it. Maybe it’s to early to say anything about it yet. So aiming to read another 75 pages, before I decide to leave it or continue. I think it is too old for me. Not sure how to explain, but I’ve got a feeling.

It’s always getting late…

I’m back from my hiking trip with my friend. And it has been just fabulous! The weather have been great with sun and little to no clouds the last day. I’ve even got sunburned, silly me forgetting to grease me in. So, we started of Monday around half past one, because we visited my grandparents first. Parked our car at Sørbølsetran and went from there (without a tent, because we decided to try to sleep out in the wild (it’s not that wild)!). Forgot to say that we where hiking in Vikerfjell, just about east (if I’m right) from Norefjell and two hour north of Oslo. From Sørbølsetran we went to a little hill with no name (1050 masl(?)). Had some food before we decided to go to Saunatten. As we didn’t have any goals we just ended up walking from hill to hill. Up and down till we ended up on finding a nice little camping site, where we put out our sleeping bags. Tuesday we ha all day, and we had spotted at least three tops we wanted to visit. So we packed a small backpack, since we would be back to the camp later. And headed for the first top, which we found out later would be the highest top, 1284. That’s not bad. We had a beautiful view and we think we saw all the way to Hallingskarvet and to Hafjell. At least! After that we went a bit lower and follow the forest line to the next top, which is called Sørbølnatten and gave us a nice view of the forest where we came from the other day. Then we went back to our little camp and picked up our big backpack and headed for the two last peaks/top for the day, Pika and Ørneflag. Ørneflag had a little book we could write our names and a little note. Wednesday, aka today, we went back nearly the same way. We followed the only blue marked trail back to our car. It was a quiet trip and we saw a lot of birds, one rabbit and some sheep.

So thats how my trip was, atleast where I’ve been. Will maybe post pictures later this week. You’ll see. Now I’m off to bed, because I’m really tired! Good night!