Low month 1/2

Every Christmas I usually have time to and feel like to blog, and every year I hope that feeling will continue on into the new year. Sadly it rarely does. So that’s why there hasn’t been a blog post this month before now.

I’ve long thought about blogging this month, but it’s mostly ends with the thought. So here is at least a little recap of what I’ve done.

Looking back in the calender tells me that I went skiing with my job, more precisely telemark skiing. Last time I went skiing was last year, when we also had a skiing trip. We went to the same place, Trysil. Which is a pretty big ski resort east in Norway, close to the Swedish border. It is usually pretty good skiing condition, so it’s always a safe bet. Everytime I go skiing my feats hurts a lot, and I’ve always thought that was because my boots where to narrow, so after the first day I went to the ski shop to look for some new one. Luckily the guy in the store told me it wasn’t because my shoes where to narrow, but that I had the wrong sole. He recommended me to get a moulded sole, so it will fit perfect for my foot. It was a bit pricey so I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not, but after some consideration and googling I ended up trying it, and boy am I glad I did! The next day there where no pain in my feet as I ride, it was wonderful!

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Up in the Air – intro

“I figured you put a camera in a plane, you put it up in the air, you point down, you get aerial footage, right? I really thought it would be that simple. It was so complicated. Every time you see aerial footage in a movie it’s from a helicopter at 12,000 ft. To get it from 25,000 ft, first we went up with a jet and we had a camera that was going through this bubble system, except the optics weren’t good enough and atmosphere was giving us trouble. Then we went up with a propeller plane and the pilot had to wear an oxygen mask to get up that high; we took a camera out on a wing, we went digital instead of film, and then the camera would not go straight down, so they’d have to put the plane into a dive to get the camera to go down. I mean it was just like unreal how hard it was to get this footage. But I’m really happy with the results and of course it made for fun opening titles.” — Jason Reitman, via indiewire

– Via FakeTV