I’m not sure if I said this before, but I really like my PSP. Today I played some N+, and some of the levels are really hard! It’s just damned…On one level I had over 300 tries before I gave up. It was just too hard.


Yet another Saturday. The week goes by fast. Nearly to fast. I haven’t been very social this week. Mostly been working on a Java task with binary searctrees and singlyLinkedList. It’s fun, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the search-tree. At least its fun in a very geeky kind of way, but I did have someone over last night. We made dinner and watched a movie. Bank Job, a really cool one. So thumbs up from me. As the dinner goes, we made fish. Not very often I eat it, but it’s okay. We made salomon which is the best of the fishes out there. The funny thing is that now it smellĀ  salomon from my kitchen and frying pan. Going to wash at least the pan real good with some awesome soap. Don’t want the fish taste and smell on my hamburgers I’m making today.

I’m also soon done with my new N+ level. I’m having friend of mine beta test it to see which category it ends up in. I’m thinking medium, but probably hard…Probably post picture about the level tomorrow. His time: 15,82 . My time: 55,30. Can you beat it?

I’ve also played a lot of Skate 2 latly, so much that I’m soon reaching ten thousand gamescore! Hopefully reaching it at the end of this week. “Anywho”, check out some of my cool Skate footage after the more… Planning on making a video of it all, just need to find a good flv to avi converter. Any tips?

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N, Ned, N+ whatever you call it

Been away this weekend with my girlfriend. We’ve been relaxing at my cabin by the lake. Been cozy and we have had a great time. I’ve also been thinking of a new N+ level. As I’ve only made on level before, and that was a crazy hard one, this one was sadly following in the first once steps. So thought that maybe I should use the different parts of the level to make a episode. Isn’t that a clever idea? So will start with that after my girlfriend is done playing (we only have on TV). As I’m most familiar with N+ on the 360, I will make the episode there first and then, maybe later today, but probably tomorrow. Make the episode and the level on my PC for all of you to download. How fun isn’t that? You can also see my napkin drawing of the level after the jump.

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