School takes time…

So, I’ve been bad a bloging lately, and I’m sorry. It’s just been so busy at school and in my little spare-time. As I’m taking two philosophy courses, there is plenty to read every week. I’m also playing boardgames every Thursday and HeroClix on Tuesdays. Not sure if I’m going to do that every week, we’ll see.

In other news, Ive bought Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for my 360. Not really a good game, guess I’m to old to play it. If you want to play a good game, you should check out Dead Rising 2 prologue, Case Zero. That’s one awesome XBLA game! Sadly I don’t have that much to play, I’ve even borrowed Heavy Rain to see if it’s really that good from a friend. ┬áMaybe I’ll have some time to waste this weekend?

I’ve bought some new boardgames, Seaside, which is and awesome expansion for Dominion. Next one I’m getting is the new Prosperity. Hopefully this month!

I think that’s all I’ve got to say now. Hopefully I’ll blog a little bit this weekend. At least after the awesome party this Sunday. Time of the day will be revealed tomorrow! Good night!

Lonely night…

Tonight I’ve been with a good friend from school, his girlfriend, and two other couples. It felt a bit strange being the only single in the group. YEah, forgot to tell, we where at the student cinema called Cinemaneuf. They showed three preview movies in a row. Three good movies, one Finnish called “love madness”, Nowhere boy (which is about the childhood of John Lennon) and last an animation from Australia I think called Mary og Max. One funny thing was that every time one of the movies where done, the people next to me turned away from me, since I was kinda in the middle and started talking to their boy/girlfriends. Kinda funny. I also saw a lot of couples on the subway on my way home. I miss to a someone to be with.

Ohh…I also got a letter from a special friend, looking forward to opening it and read it. So good night all!

A street accident

Never ever thought I would write about farting, but I guess there is a time, late at night where it fits. The reason for bringing it up, is something that happen while I was walking home from a friend of mine. Around two o’clock if your curious. You should also know that this is not the first time I’ve done this. I think I do it rather frequently.

So about what happen. I was walking up the street on my way home, when I felt I needed to fart. And since I was walking alone, late at night I thought, why not. So I let it go. Guess you think now the kicker is that it was someone walking behind me, but no. What I think is funny is that, I nearly always check if there is someone else around me after I’ve farted. Not before, which would be the clever thing to do, but after. Luckily I’ve never farted and then turn to see another person behind me. That would be embarrassing.

I better go to sleep

Yet another night I can’t get myself to got to bed. This usually happens Friday and Saturday. So today is not an exception. Luckily I’ve been able to get some stuff done. I’ve “created” a site for my squash club and played a bit Gamecube. Testing Tony Hawk 3, which is awesome. A bit weird to play it with a Gamecube controller. Always played it with a Playstation 2 controller. Also tried PN03, which was kinda crap. So never going to play that again.

I also watched Chaos Theory today, while eating kebab! Was a good movie, a bit sad, but with a happy ending. I like a happy ending.

“Anywho”, finally a blog about me, I know it’s short, but it’s better then nothing. So I’m of to bed now. Done my duty as a bloger.

Good night!

Good night!

Sorry for the bad updating this weekend. I know I promised you all some good’ol post, but been busy/lazy. Luckliey there is still one day left of this weekend. So my new goal is to get the retro page done, because I’ve been tidying up and collected all in my corner shelf. I’ve also taken a lot of pictures. So now I only need to upload them and add them to the retro collection page. I will also make a post what I’ve done and what I’ve bought this week. I’m too tired to do it now…tomorrow! What I do have for you all now is a video of my new ceiling light. Looks good dosn’t it?! Got my brother to “clip” it together.


Late at night!

Been playing GTA4 for four hours now. It’s wicked. I’ve only been working on mission so haven’t checked out the area that much. Of course I tried to cross the bridge (at foot), didn’t know I would get 6 wanted levels. That was some fun 60 seconds of my GTA life. Other than that I’ve been dating the Michell girl. She is up to no good. Asking to many question. Bet I will find out the wrong way. Off to sleep now. 3 hours till breakfast. Yeah, good night people!