Nte: G-force from driving

Screenshot - 03022013 - 04:45:32 PM

Some weekends ago I was working on my old Nitro car. The one I’ve switched the engine on. In image two from that post you can see some circuits boards. What you see is an Arduino, Xbee, and a three dimensional accelerometer. The Arduino do all the processing of data, and sends it via Xbee to my computer. Using the data gathered with the three dimensional accelerometer it was possible to map out the g-force that the car generate.

So what you can see in the image is the g-force generated by my car. Next step is to make a more readable display.

NTE: Nitro to electric

Found out I should name my RC car project to make it easier to distinguish between the different projects. So to make it clear, this is the nitro to electric project, or in short NTE. Cool? Or maybe just call it Kure like the big red logo on the side of the car.

“Anywho”, I’ve finally made something that manage to hold the engine without melting. Metal was the choice, had to drill some new holes and ended up making them a little bit out of place.

My new awesome foam tires. Works like a charm on the slippery University floor.

Hooked up an Arduino to track g-forces. It works, so need to make a program that prints it pretty. Will write more about how it works and what it shows in the next blog.

first iteration of the new engine-holder-thingy. Made it a bit better in the second iteration.



New RC-car!

Yesterday I visited my favorite RC-store SamiRC. I’m not experienced in the file of RC cars, but I like SamiRC, because they believe or at least help me out with my ideas. When I first started to think I should get my old RC car up and running I visited Smallsize to hear if they had any tips or ideas to how I could get my nitro car going again. Not much help there, and they had no faith in switching the nitro engine with an el-engine. In my head I was all “What?! There is no reason it should not work in theory. All the wheels need are something that make them spin!”. So I quickly left Smallsize. So I went to the internet to search for other stores in Oslo who maybe could help. Luckily SamiRC was there and they even helped me find the right gear I needed for my el-engine. “Anywho”, this was all last year. Now back to this weekend. I wanted to pick up my old RC car again and this time get it to work properly. So I got in contact with SamiRC again and asked if they had some all steelcage engines and ESC for a good price. They of course did and asked me to bring my car up so they could see what I was working with.

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Monster Truck Nitro

Redlynx have released yet another great game. Just bought it yesterday, so haven’t completed it yet. At first I thought it looked a lot like Trials 2, but this is so much easier, and sometime more fun since you don’t have to focus as much. It’s great to play while you chat with friends or write a blog post. He he. So the meaning behind this game is to ride cool looking Monster Truck (with nitro in some levels) in some very awesome tracks with a lot of different obstacels in. Like a huge loop or a big tree stuck to your rear as you can see in the fourth picture after the jump.
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