Photo from my day

My brother came to visit today. As I mention before, he has been to NYC, and today I brought the last batch of items I bought for me. So I took some photos of them, plus one from what we ate (interesting) and one of my Munny projects. It’s soon done. The funny is that I started on it over a year a go. Guess I haven’t been that artistic this year. Strange…

Oooh, about something completely different. Zombie Driver is out now! I bought it on Steam, so I can get awesome achievements like…there wasn’t any cool achievements. Sorry, will check before I start to write next time. “Anywho”, it’s a cool game. And is it only me, or is it a hard game? I’m a bit stuck on the third mission. Guess I just need to practice some more.

Also, hope you like my Youtube Christmas Calender.

YogiTea of the day: Live for each other.

PS: Just want to say hi to a special reader: “Hello SoulGirl!”.