Sold my apartment

Back in May I posted about some renovation I was doing to my apartment, because I was going to put it up for sale later that month. Now, four months later I’m done with the renovations, sold the apartment, and bought a new one! And I’m moving in on Friday! Couldn’t be more trilled!

Before I introduce you to my new apartment which is nearly twice the size of my old one, I want to post some images of my old one. The photographer did a wonderful job, and I was really pleased with the price I got for it.

The apartment ad can be seen at


See more images after the jump!

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Slow day…

Installing Windows 98 on my computer ended up being impossible! First I tried to install it from inside of windows, but then I ended up with not enough disc space. Then I tried to boot it up and try to install it from DOS, which none of them worked. So I found my other computer a tried to hook up the harddisc and install from there, but no. Nothing worked. So started fomating one of the disc to install win98 to that one, but then I suddenly needed another floppy disc, but I was installing from CD. So I ended up just giving up. Packed it all down and went to clean up the kicthen. Hit the jump to see some pictures, and there is also two from my new layer of paint on my wall.

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