To my awesome friends

This is my girlfriend writing this post  because I’m too lazy to do it myself. So what did I do today? Nothing. Nada. Zero. No, wait! I did do something.  I was at a seminar by Opera, the most awesome web browser ever! (Though my girlfriend doesn’t understand why…)  And then blah, blah. You were all there, you know what they talked about. The snack was awesome. The t-shirt we got was awesome. Guess what was written on it? Hint: think geek humour. Still can’t figure it out? Ok, I’ll show you.

browse me

Don’t complain if you don’t get it. At least it’s not offensive, sexual or racial related. Or is it…?

Ok, you probably ask yourself why I write this post when I don’t really have anything interesting to say. Well, after the seminar, we all went to eat dinner, and I mentioned my blog. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Now they all expect me to write something interesting about them. But the thing is, I don’t do interesting. Sorry to disappoint you all guys.

Late up and gaming

Sleepy…Think I have something to say, but I also think I have forgot it. That’s fun…not. Yesterday, I had planned out an post about what I have done this week, but now I can’t remember a thing. Well, not completely true. I did got an invite to join the Quake Live beta (which is Quake played through a browsers), which I also tried out yesterday, but wasn’t that fun. Maybe because I don’t really feel like playing on my laptop. I’m a 360 boy now. The only games I play on my Asus is indie games! Other than that I’ve order some new movies from Great site with great prices. They even ship them for free! That’s nice!

Not sure if I told you all that I manage to get the ram expander to my Nintendo DS to work, but I did. Took some googling, and now it works like a charm. I can even use the Opera browsers to surf the net in classes!

“Anywo”, don’t think I have much more to say. I’m having a friend sleeping over tonight. Thats fun!