At the end of June my girlfriend had invited my to come join a woodworking workshop arranged by Made in Oslo. The task was to make a birch wood box called Never boks in Norwegian. I really enjoy working with wood, and had a ton of fun! This is something I really want to do more of.

Cutting out the sides
Cutting out the sides

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My new shoes

I finally got around to buy myself some new squash shoes! They feel really great and can’t wait to try them out the first coming Monday! It was about time to. I was playing this morning and I lost more than one point just because of my slippery shoes. Thats no fun! I’ve posted some pictures after the more link.

Other than new shoes, I’ve been to work, school and Oslo “culturenight” as it’s literal translated.  Watched some amazing firework. It was so quiet and beautiful!

“Anywho”, time to go to bed. Up early to wash clothes and then I’m going to check out a gallery at ten, and Ikea after that. Blog you tomorrow too, probably not that late. Or technical it’s today.

YogiTea of the day: Let your hearth guide you.

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Beautiful Oslo city

I’m been home at my parents place. So had to take the train back to Oslo. Sadly (but also nice) there was some troubles with the trains so I didn’t get further than Nationalteateret. So I decided to borrow something we call a “bysykkel”. And cycled home. It’s was so nice and quiet. Everyone was so relaxed and happy. Guess it was the nice weather that did it. Oslo is a really beautiful city! I’m glad I’m living here!