Jizz in my pants

Haven’t been many updates this vacation. Been busy hanging with friend and family. I did go skiing Saturday and it was super fun! Haven’t been skiing in nearly two years! That’s too long, way too long! Other than that I have worked at two other site for my brother (www.Ostproduksjon.no) and my friend Daniel (www.Tengsphoto.com). I’m really pleased with them. Getting better to editing the wordpress files, that’s cool! I’ve also been Youtubing a lot (wonder if that’s a word?!), found a lot of good videos. So probably going to start posting some of them. “Anywho”, hit the jump to see one of the best. It’s in HD! Continue reading Jizz in my pants

JellyCar OST

I thought I talked about Jellycar before I did some research as I was making this post. Sadly I haven’t, so sometime next week there will com a post about Jellycar. “Anywho”, I found out that Matthew Mccarthy, which make the music to this very fun jelly racing/balancing car game, have released all the five songs on his website. So if you have heard about the game, or just like funky music head over to matthewmccarthy.com and download them. Or hit the jump and download from me.

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