Free Comic Book Day

Today is Free Comic Book Day and I’ve been to my local comic book store to get me some free comics. Picked up a Green Lantern, Avatar, Super Dinosaur, Simpsons and Jake The Dreaming. Only read the Simpsons yet, and it was funny. Jake The Dreaming looks promising with the cool drawings. I also got two free Heroclix figures, War Machine and Green Lantern. Awesome! After that I went to Gamestop and I bought six PS2 games, need to save up for a used PS2 now. Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty with bonus DVD, Soul Calibur 2, Timesplitter 2, Tony Hawk 3, Tony Hawk 4, and Twisted Metal: Black. 3 for the price of 2 is nice!

On the way back home I took some graffiti pictures which I’ll upload to Flickr later today.

Thursday = boardgames night

The last two Thursday I’ve been visiting my local fantasy store Outland to play boardgames with known and unknown people. Today was Thursday. So I’ve been playing boardgames from around half past three to half past eight. It’s been ¬†mostly Magic, but I tried three new fun games, one was about removing wood bricks from a balancing plate, second was Guillotine, and third was about taking a stick before the one you challenged (plus something more that I won’t explain). Other then that I haven’t done much, I was at work. I also played with soft swords today, check out the awesome pictures over at my friend Christinas blog.

I’ve also added some more hipster photos to my Flickr page, and a new stencil I found right where I live.

Here is also an update about my vinyl projects. I’ve also started another not vinyl project, but more about that on Saturday. There is also a picture of my Lego Series 1 collection. I soon have all of them! Plus two pictures of a fun hamburger I made.

Blog vacation

As most vacation, and this is not an exception. I end up neglecting my blog. Not because I want to, but I don’t feel like sitting down and writing something. It’s okey to post some pictures and videos now and then, but I use extra time to do it. If you check when I uploaded my pictures to Flickr and when I post it here, there is some hours in between. So that was my little excuse for not posting that much.

Since I’m not posting much, you’ve missed out a bit. As my last serious post was 19th of June about a Munny competition and a little update about me going on vacation and getting some flowers. The major things are that I bought myself a PS3 and finally a PS2, I’ve had a stand at Desucon with my company, and some more vacation. Continue reading Blog vacation

Munny competition

My local fantasy store, Outland. Opened a new store today, and a pretty huge one too! So they had some competition. And since it was a Munny competition, I had to be there. Need to support the low community in Norway. First it was just my girlfriend and I, but another girl joined us later. So it ended up with three contributions. The winner was my girlfriend with here SuperBao (Rooz). The cool thing is that they had us design on either Rooz or Bob, not the usually white Munny. In the pictures down, mine is the brown monster, and the girl made a Zombie panda. Awesome! If you want to see them live, you can visit the new Outland store in Kirkegata 23 (Oslo, Norway).

A little update

I’m working on a sketch for a Munny contest held by Norway’s biggest sci-fi and fantasy store, Outland. You can either send in a photo of a painted Munny or sketch your own on a Munny drawing, which you get in the store. I’m going to do both. The photos are of my Harlequin Munny, and the sketch is of a blue Munny with small island on it. So the blue is going to represent water. Will post a photo when I’m done.