Big Bang Big Boom by BLU

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Another amazing video by BLU. I also found out that you can buy a DVD with all his latest creation.

For the first time on DVD
the complete collection of every BLU’s animation
all the works made during the last decade
1 hour and 45 min. of videos, including:
° + over 40 minutes of previously unpublished EXTRA contents

I’m thinking about ordering one.

Strong plants

I have two plants and three cactus.  I know that I need to water the plants once a week, but I keep forgetting it. I wonder on how they can survive, but they do. I’m just thankful, guess they are getting used to little water. Maybe I would be easier to remember to water them if they twittered about it. Head over to to read more about plants that twitter. The kit is a bit expensive, so I’m letting it pass.

On another occasion, I’ve made this  on Sunday when I was at work keeping my brother company and reading.


It’s drawn on a whiteboard, and it’s original standing, but I liked it more laying.

Tubbypawns wall painting

I’ve decorated my bedroom today. As I’m a big fan of I decided to paint two of my favourite characters/images right on my wall. IT was my brother who gave me the idea to just use a projector and draw the picture straight on the wall. Quite easy and fun way to do it. And I would be sure it was identical. So here are some pictures of the finished piece. It took me half day, and now I want to make some more. Thinking about making a cloud. I’ll keep you all updated. I’ve also sent an e-mail to the creator of  Tubbypaws, wonder what she thinks of it.