Update: This one was supposedly to be published onĀ Feb 9, 2010 @ 11:01, but that never happened. So here it is.

Found some cool stuff over at They sell all kind of stuff you need, but in a different format.

  • You do need a pencil, but not really one you can play drums with.
  • Dart is fun, but have you ever thought about hanging your clothes on one of them?
  • Ever wanted your own white train to put graffiti on?
  • Ever need to tape something and leave a message?

PS: There is a huge different to and

Yet another filler!

I’m away visiting a friend tomorrow. So won’t have time to make a more interesting post. Also I’m tired and want to sleep. It’s better than nothing I hope!

So here is a little post about an item from SuckUK. Drumstick pencils! How cool is it to have these when school starts next semester? I’m voting ten. Cheesy, can’t do better.

One end is a pencil the other end is a drumstick.
Supplied as a pair.
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