New phone

Bought a new phone on Monday. A Samsung Galaxy Nexus, so now it’s time for some Ice Cream Sandwich development. I’ve already started with testing the near-field communication option roof that the phone has. It’s pretty cool!

I finally also have a phone I can use when I jog. Today I used Endemondo, and took the image you can see at the bottom. Yomorrow I’m going to try Zombies, run! A game that let you pretend that you live in zombie world.


Samsung Galaxy Spica

Finally bought a new phone today. Lastly my old phone have been mean to me. Turning off when I’m not using it, turning it off when I’m in a call, and deleting my phone content and so on. So today my cup spilled, or what ever you say in English. “Anywho”, it’s my first Samsung, so that exciting, at least for me. As I’ve only tried it for an hour I’m not sure if I’m eligble to say anything about it. It’s using touchscreen and Android OS, so everything is new. I’ll tell you more when I’m getting more used to it. I’ve also found out I can blog from it. That’s cool! Enjoy some pictures.