I joined a new photo site today. It’s kinda like but not that popular and with fewer not that cool images. At least that what I think. It’s also a lot faster, is always so slow. “Anywho”, it’s a non-English site, but luckily if you hit the blue and white flag (Finnish?), there shouldn’t be any problem for you to understand. Check out my profile, or just hit random.

My day in pictures!

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My door, but whats on it?!

I’ve also got Chibi-Robo! to Gamecube the other day. My collection is growing. Sadly the game is in german. So guess I need to ebay  a cheap English one to play.  I’ll just keep it in the wrapper for now.

Things are going slow

I’ve finally uploaded all the pictures I took last week plus some I took today. Don’t know why I haven’t done it before, probably been lazy. “Anywho”, they are up now for your enjoyment. Not much to say about them, bought the Pez dispenser when I was working for two weeks ago. Orlando Bloom is the man! Hehe, not really. The Gamecube is the one I got this Saturday, haven’t had time to try out the microphones yet. Need to find a game first, but I’ve put my self on a “break” about buying new stuff. Need to learn to shop after I got the next payment. So I use the money I have from the last paycheck. So now I can’t spend any money on stuff I don’t need before 20Th March. Lets see how that goes! Would be really nice if I can hold that long! The other pictures are from my new ceiling lights, which you all probably saw in my awesome movie. Hehe…

Well, I’m off to play squash now, so blog you all later!

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