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When it get late, or really late. is your best friend. I’ve been out the whole day, so I’m really tired now. Even thought the clock isn’t twelve. Guess I’m getting older. Hehe…

So I started my day playing a little Wind Waker again. Haven’t played it for a week. So was fun to be back and swing Link’s sword (if you know what I mean). After some Zelda, I went golfing with my brother. I’m getting better at the bunker. So I signed up for the test to get green card 11th of May. Can’t wait. Going to be so much fun when I get it! When I got home I went to a local park and putted up my slack line and chilled out in the sun for some hours. We even saw and petted a pet pig. It was so cool, not very interested in us, but still very awesome! After that we went home to me, ate a pizza and watched several episodes of Arrested Development, and played some more Zelda. Great day!

And now I’m soon going to bed. Going golfing tomorrow too.

PS: Check out these two videos.

Breakdance Fail
TV host Fail

A pink pig!

I found a pink pig today! As I was walking home from squash, I kicked something pinkish. First I didn’t see what it was, but when I was close enough to kick it again, I saw it was a little pink pig! Of course not a real one, but still very cute. So I picked it up and brought it home. So now it’s been washed and is laying next to mew two dogs (not real either) and smiling. He/she looks so happy!

Other than that my day as been as any other day. Been at school, started working on my next java task. This one includes GUI which is little fun to hard code. Had been so much easier to just use a “what you see is what you get” editor. After school I met a friend of mine because I was buying his Playstation, which I did. Took some pictures of it and the Nintendo 64 I got yesterday. So hit the jump if you want to see those and the pig.

Oh…remember the nuts I bought which was in the wrong package? I got an answer and they are sending me a compensation!

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