To do list

I’ve started some projects this last month I haven’t really had time to finish. So instead of just talking about them, I’m going to put them in my new “to do list” and then “strikethrough” them as I get them done. Hopefully most of them will be done this weekend, since I’ve planned not to do anything special. So here it is!

  • Harlequin Munny
  • Film and pictures of my new ceiling light
  • Retro collection
  • Pictures of some new stuff I got
  • Take time to tell what happened this week (19.01-25.01)
  • Make a page for my projects
  • Finish the N+ levels

So let’s see how long this list will last!

Update: The retro collection page is getting better. Uploaded pictures of my game and posted a list. Still more to come…
Update: Posted a video of my new ceiling light, and also moved the list to the sidebar, so I’m un-sticking this post.