Something came in the mail!

When I got home today (about 30 minutes ago) there where something in the mail for me! Finally! Since I’ve been ebay a bit lately I’ve always hope that I would get something every time I checked the mail. And finally there where! It wasn’t something from ebay, but a CD i order from PlayTrade. Albert Hammond, Jr. – Yours To Keep. A nice album with a beautiful cover. Which I have posted under the “read more” part. Didn’t find the back part, so need to scan that in when I get time to hook up the scanner. I also got a package slip stating that there is something for me in the post office. Wonder what it can be?! Probably another CD, but not sure. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I will of course keep you updated!
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Mr 500! Cake is not a lie!

This is google 500th search. You may wonder why I bring this up, and it’s so simple that this is my blog post number  five hundred! Thats a lot of blog posts. It’s more then a year with posts. And if you do some math with when I started and till now, you’ll see that I have been writing 0,82 posts a day! Thats not bad, not bad at all. More number facts here. Other then that, not much happened 12th December 2007. So you may wonder why I’m writing all this nonsense, when I should be out celebrating, and I totally agree. But it’s all because I’m pretty tired and don’t feel like bloging. Thats why I’ve been pushing this post further and further away, but now it looks like I’ve catch up with it. So here it is.

I’ve really haven’t much to say, other than that I’ll keep up my good job (at least I feel so), and hopefully it won’t take another 608 days before I hit 1000.  I also have some plans for the site, as I always have when I hit a number and need to brag about it. And that is to increase the with of the blog and get my brother to make me a proper logo/banner to have on the top. Other then that I’m pretty pleased with the layout. The next things that’s coming up is two new pages containing links to my projects and reviews. Easy access for you all! Thinks thats all…

Oh, wait. One more thing! Since it’s my 500th post, I’m inviting everyone  who is reading my blog to join me/us in my backyard for some cake! I’m going to be baking and I’ll try to write 500 on it! So, this will all happening Friday the 21, at 1800 Sunday the 23, at 1400 if everything goes as planned.

YogiTea of the day: To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

Late post

Sorry for the late post. Have been a bit busy. Was my last day at work, and right after that I packed to go to Hønefoss for EverLAN. The funny thing is that went I got here and sat up the Xbox, I found out that I had taken my brother 360 power cable, which didn’t fit in mine. So have to travel back home to change. Not fun, so that why I have such a late post. Hope it’s cool!

Also, there is some rumours about Chrono Triggers coming to DS!

Post number 100

Post number hundred. Goes quick doesn’t it? It all started 13th December, I had decided to update my site, but was unsure on what to do. Tried to log on the server to see what I had laying there that I could use, but my user name and password where broken. So e-mailed my friend who is running the network I’m on and he made me a new user name and password. He asked me if I was going to update my site. He sent me this link about wordpress after I told him that I wanted to update it. Continue reading Post number 100